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ALB 2.0

August 31, 2017

Our regular audience will recall that we announced in June a pivot in the way we execute our mission of empowering the next generation of young African leaders. We call it “ALB 2.0”. This pivot, which expands our mission to reach students in Africa to reduce cost per person and shorten time to see results, is off to a flying start. We are sponsoring two students at TekZone in Cameroon to learn a necessary skill that gives them a helpful hand towards their ambition of becoming leaders. This is a new venture for us and we are eagerly working together with our partner to understand the impact of the investment we are making on the students and also the general logistics of supporting/sponsoring/mentoring students who are few thousand miles away.


The short term goal is to learn if the strategy works as we expect it to. And, of course, to determine if the impact that we make for the students is as meaningful and comparable to our students in our 1.0 strategy. We will also learn a lot about the logistics and complexity of working with organizations in Africa. Long term goal, of course, is to expand our reach in the continent to achieve our mission of championing the next generation of African leaders.


Another beautiful thing about 2.0 and supporting students in the continent is that the generous money donated by our donors goes much further. In fact, $100/month for a year will arm two very deserving students with an essential skills that sets them on the path of success. Please consider donating and becoming part of the ALB family. Together, we’ll make big changes.


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