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Pay It Forward chartWhen we were forming The African Leadership Bridge, we asked ourselves a difficult question: ‘Why fund a single student for thousands of dollars a semester, when there are so many other great causes that need funding?’ There are not always clear answers to these types of questions, but we felt strongly of the following:


  • our students will be leaders, entrepreneurs and force-multipliers – so we will not be impacting a single life, we will impact many, and
  • our students will Pay It Forward – so that every dollar donated will be used again and again to assist many students over time.




The African Leadership Bridge is championing innovation in higher education funding for Africa’s best and brightest. We are committed to making our scholarships sustainable by implementing a 'Pay-It-Forward' model where each ALB graduate commits a portion of their income back to the organization. This model that not only fosters longterm sustainability but also creates important positive incentives:


1. Our students are incentivized to seek out additional scholarships and grants from other organizations, thereby ensuring the most efficient distribution of funds for The ALB and increasing our ability to fund more students.


2. We create a dignified relationship with our students by giving them the opportunity to be active participants in providing a future ALB scholar with the same set opportunities that were availed to the them, thereby building a strong sense of community among our students.


The 'Pay-It-Forward' approach makes us a sustainable organization, ensuring that every dollar that is donated to the organization is multiplied and cycled through the foundation in perpetuity. A dollar given to The African Leadership Bridge goes further to support African higher education, and by extension, African development, moving us ever closer to our vision of an Africa where every citizen has the opportunity to achieve his/her full potential'.