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Photo of Takalani MalivhaTakalani Mahliva, our third scholar, has officially enrolled in the School of Economics with a minor in Psychology at The University of Texas at Austin.


Takalani comes from Polokwane, South Africa and is the third of four children. Prior to attending the African Leadership Academy, she lived with all her family in the Biaba, Nzhelele. She went to St. Brendan's Catholic Secondary School in Botlokwa where she was part of the school mini choir and orchestra. For three years she was the commerce club chairperson and a librarian in her school. She was one of fifty girls country-wide to be part of the three year program with LEAD Global and Wits University - it is here where her leadership and entrepreneurship interest grew. Her student enterprise experience led her to student run enterprise: Salon TEN50, a campus based hair salon serving the entire ALA community. Takalani served as the CEO of the enterprise. Other leadership positions she held while at ALA included serving the Honor Council as the Attorney General, being student head of the school choir (ALApella), and captain of the female soccer team. In December 2012, she had the privilege of attending the Doha GOALS forum.


My name is Takalani Malivha, and I am from Nzhelele in the Limpopo province of South Africa. In August of 2013, I arrived to a very hot Austin, TX. Over the years, it has become my home. In my senior year of high school, I was looking for opportunity and adventure… after much searching and many decision gates, I decided on UT Austin as my blank canvas. At UT, I am a senior studying Economics and Psychology, as a major and minor respectively. I have had the pleasure and privilege of meeting so many people during my time here as well as exploring interests outside my comfort zones, primarily through student organizations and advocacy. Going forward, I hope to further my entrepreneurial ventures by using strategy and management consulting to impact developing communities to ensure that I continuously pay it forward with my skills and resources. The importance of giving back has been solidified by my involvement with ALB. I hope South Africa and the continent of Africa will benefit from my aspirations.