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Photo of Ukairo Ukpai UkairoUkairo comes from Aba, Nigeria and is The African Leadership Bridge's newest scholarship recipient. He is the third child in a family of four children. His father is a lawyer and human rights activist, and his mother is a civil servant.


Ukairo grew up in a society where stories play a predominant role in scripting public opinion. He has found that, to people in his community, movies do not carry mere subjective messages but irrevocable facts. Inevitably, Ukairo underwent a shift from following the news to watching television, trading current affairs for stories. With time, he developed a fascination for storytelling, and his personal growth and increasing interest in leadership came to be catalyzed by messages from films – messages about human worth and seeking the good of mankind.


He is generally interested in creative and artistic pursuits and is most passionate about visual storytelling, innovation, and design.


Ukairo wants to revolutionize the Nollywood industry and his goal is to produce forms of media that are not merely creative, but also carry messages that will inspire people to lead, create awareness about social issues, and bring about positive change.


In Fall 2015, Ukairo began his first semester at The University of Texas at Austin where he will be majoring in Radio-Television-Film.


My name is Ukairo Ukairo. (Yes, my first name and last are the same). I'm from Abia State, Nigeria. I've been in Austin for a year now and I can safely say that it's the only city I would want to live in if I returned to the US sometime later. It's the kind of atmosphere that caters to my desire to be around young people, and be surrounded by so many interesting things to do. Environmentally, Austin is basically a city built into a park. I love that about it. Being a Longhorn is something of pride. And while I'm yet to go to any football games, I am a big supporter of our female volleyball team. I am also part of UT's premiere South Asian Acappella group - Hum A Cappella. I want to be a filmmaker, so I'm pursuing a film degree at UT. I intend to take the experiences I have here, return to my home country, and work in the entertainment industry. I think stories will remain the most universal language, maybe after music.
Being part of ALB has been a fulfilling experience. We're small enough to be engaged with the different members of our community, but have large enough a vision to remain driven to bringing our own positive contributions to our communities.